A small portion from the sale of all items sold from this collection is donated to various charity events and organisations. You can read about where the donations from  items sold from this collection are going in the individual listings.

A few people have asked me why I am doing this and for those who are interested this is why!
In 2018 when I did my tax it came to my attention that I had given away just over 5k that year in giveaways, charity auctions, gifts to my regular customers and a overwhelming number of items to my brand reps and casual reps. When I reflected on this both my ego and spirit was quite crushed. I was left feeling very flat about me as a person my brand and what direction I was really going down if I was basically left feeling like I had to pay people to like my brand and interact with content and perhaps even pretend to like me personally and that despite all that I had given my business still wasn't exactly what  I wanted it to be. 
Somewhere along my path of creativity and design, my already overly giving nature had gotten all twisted up in a very naive way of doing business that was built on a loyalty that really just didn't exist to so many people whom I mistakenly thought it ought to and the worst thing was that all of that was totally my fault and I really could not at all shift the blame to anything or anyone else.

I was ready to give up shut up shop and accept that maybe it was just all to hard, but giving up is not really in my nature and giving in general is and it was going to continue to be problematic if I didn't make changes fast. So I dusted myself off put my ego and perspective back where it was supposed to be and decided that I had the opportunity to maybe continue my business and what I love doing and still have the opportunity to give in a more productive way that could help others who might actually need it rather than just giving for the sake of giving just because I could. I had just worked on a small sewing for a cause collection for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser which my best friend organised and it just felt right to continue doing more things like this for the year ahead and then reassess my direction again in 2020. 

So that was that and this is where it is now. and while I definitely still contribute to charity auctions, run the occasional giveaway and continue to work with reps.   My promotion and gift budget has halved which means I can contribute money to charities and projects which can really make a difference  and I can feel good about giving again.