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November is an emotional month for me, I lost my mum to suicide in November a few years later in November I lost my dad to cancer.

This year it’s 10 years since my mum took her own life and reflection on the past is always big for me in November. I reflect on my childhood and teenage years a lot. My mum suffered from mental health issues my whole life and most likely her whole life too. When my mum was well she was an incredible mum but when she was sick, life was hard and sad as she often self medicated with drugs and alcohol.

I spent a lot of time in Forster homes and even homeless as a teenager and while I have never had treatment or been diagnosed with any kind of mental illness I know that I struggle sometimes with anxiety and feeling flat in general, this all comes from creative energy but it also comes from not learning how to deal with emotional stress or having too much emotional stress as a child and young adult

More than 75 percent of mental health issues develop before a person turns 25 but so many of the resources available for mental health are not focused on these demographics. “many traditional services aren’t equipped to address the unique barriers that young people face to accessing mental health support”

Now when I was growing up I crossed paths with many people in situations like mine and many much  much worse but yet youth suicide was rare and uncommon. Unfortunately this is no longer the case youth suicide is at its highest rate in 10 years and it’s the leading cause of death in young people.

It’s unbelievably sad to think of a generation of young people with so much to live for being so crippled with pain that the only escape for them is to take their own life and leaving behind a life full of sadness and grief for those who loved them most. It’s also terrifying to think of my own children growing up in a society when youth suicide is so common and the implications mental health issue may have on them..

It’s been playing on my mind for years now, on how I can do something to make a difference and how I can incorporate more charity work into my own business and after an extremely rough few month within my little Ziggy High Design bubble which left me really questioning everything to do with my business and creativity and after such an incredible experience raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer research with @bushwalkforboobies.  It became clear to me more than ever that you can do a lot by doing just a little if you focus your energy and hard work in the right places and that there is no time like the present to do your bit if you can and for the mom I can…..

I have created my “colour me happy” collection which will be an ongoing and continued collection or bold vibrant fun and quirky clothes for kids. I’ll be adding to this collection regularly with all items being my regular limited edition and one of a kind pieces.

$2.50 from every item sold will be donated to headspace to help them help the youth in need who are struggling with mental health. Donations will be added in lump sum payments each time I reach $25 and I’ll add details on my website to keep in transparent

If you haven’t heard of Headspace then check them out as they are a great resource for young people dealing with mental health or for friends and family of young people dealing with mental health. https://headspace.org.au/ but in short…. Headspace began in 2006 to address this critical gap, by providing tailored and holistic mental health support to 12 - 25 year olds. With a focus on early intervention, we work with young people to provide support at a crucial time in their lives each center runs unique programs with are suited to the youth in the area which they are situated.

I don’t expect my very small contribution to change the world but every bit helps and if we can help young people have better mental health outcomes then we are helping future adults cope better and hopefully it can prevent others like myself living with the scar from the suicide of someone who they love so much

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